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Ayurvedicconsultation  for Schizophrenia

Schizophrenia is a chronic mental disorder characterized by hallucination and delusion. In Ayurveda it is classified under unmade.

Psychic stress and strain are primarily responsible for the causation of the disease. Irregularity in food and constipation often aggravate the condition.

The signs and symptoms vary considerably in different types of schizophrenia. The patient is unable to sleep, talks and acts incoherently, and often becomes violent.


Dhara is considered to be the best therapy for this condition; normally kshirbala taila is used in dhara. This oil is kept in a vessel over the forehead of the patient and the vessel is adjusted in such a way that continuous drops of this medicated oil fall from the bottom of the vessel onto the place between the two eyebrows of the patient. This should be done once daily. By this process the patient sleeps well and recovers from the disease slowly. Jatamansi , vacha and sarpagandha are popularly used for this disease. In powder form, these are given to the patient in a dose of one teaspoonful or in a compound three times a day with milk or cold water. This brings about tranquility of mind.

Vatakulantaka rasa is also used for the treatment of this condition. It is mercurial preparation which is used in a dose of one tablet three times a day mixed with honey.


Pulses, beans, and fried things should be avoided. Milk, ghee and butter should be given to the patient in sufficiently large quantity. Pungent and astringent things are not useful in this condition. Saffron is very useful.

Other regimens

Since it is primarily a psychic disease, psycho- therapy is considered to be the ideal treatment. The patient should be induced to offer prayers and observe religious rites. Meditation serves a very useful purpose in curing these patients. Factors which are responsible for psychic stress and strain should be ascertained and removed.


According to Ayurveda, disease can be grouped into three categories depending upon the affliction of the mind and the body. They are:
Depending upon the dominance of doshas –vattav, pitta and kapha and their combined form  Apasamar is of four  types.

The fifth type is yoshaapasmar, which is commonly known as Hysteria.
This type is more prevalent among women. Various type of psychic stress is considered to be the cause of this disease and the heart interlinked with mind is   primarily affected. Some physical factor like constipation and impairments of digestion are precipitating factors.

Treatment of Epilepsy

The aim of Ayurvedic treatment of this condition is to correct the nervous system and strengthen the heart. Brahmi and vacha are the two choice medicinal plants which Ayurvedic physicians use for treatments of this condition. Both these plants grow in marshy lands, especially near the sides of rivulets and streams. The entire plant of Brahmi is used in medicine whereas only the rhizome or the underground portion of vacha is used. Stems and leaves of brahmi are thick and juicy and they do not dry easily. Therefore the juice of this plant is used.

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  1. Specially prescribed diet for a patient suffering from schizophrenia
    Hot and spicy food should be avoided
    fried things and pulses are not good for patients
    Almond and almond oil are good for these patients
    A patient should be given almond oil in a dose of one teaspoon at the bed time
    Mangoes, peaches, oranges, apples and banana are useful in this

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