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It is a condition in which there is destruction of res blood corpuscles with an increase of white blood corpuscles. It is otherwise called Cancer of the blood’. In its chronic stage. In Ayurveda it is called ‘‘VATOLBANA SANNIPATAJPONDU ROGA''wherein all the signs and symptoms of anemia will be present. In leukemia there may be hemorrhage from the nose, gums, fever and enlargement of the spleen and glands of the body. The patient may also feel difficulty in breathing

It is a challenge to the modern system of medicine as it has not been able to treat this disease successfully but Ayurveda believes that it is caused due to vitiation of tridoshas (vata, pitta ,kapha) and therefore if these tridoshas are brought to normal with the medicine which are indicated in Ayurveda then the patient will be able to get a cure. The following medicines can be given but  keep it in mind that complete treatment can be provided to you after discussing signs and symptoms. Here i am providing you a brief

leukemia treatment
Leukemia Treatment




The ashes of diamond
Heerak bhasma in a dose of 5-6 mgs with or without Mukta pishti and Pravala can be given.
Panchaamritarasa is also useful. 

In some of the cases where the liver gets enlarged with severe anemia Pravala Panchaamritarasa with Yakrit Pleyodarirasa along with vajra bhasma, each in a dose of 200 mg with 6 mgs of vajrabhasma respectively can be given twice daily. In the chronic stage these can be given along with the juice of Bhringraj and turmeric. Fresh liver juice can also be given intermittently.

Old rice, bitter gourds, radish, oranges, grapes, cow's milk, ghee, buttermilk; 

Leukemia can be very well managed with Ayurvedic herb treatment 

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